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Send ACCE Leaders to the People's Convention!

ACCE leaders across the state are at the front lines every day fighting for rent control, community benefits, health care for our undocumented community and many other important campaigns.  

This July, a wide range of people's organization's from around the country will gather in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania for a historic People’s Convention! The People’s Convention will bring together community leaders across the country who are driving bold and transformative social change initiatives.

The cost to send one ACCE leader is $500. We have over 30 community leaders going.

Many of our leaders have never been to a convention before, for others this is the first time leaving the state! This will be a transformative and empowering experience and a good opportunity for leaders across the country to learn, strategize, and develop a shared agenda for justice.

We cannot do this without your help! Anything helps. 

Thank you for your support.


Maura, Oakland ACCE leader. Going to the People's Convention.


Who's donating

Who's donating: from San Francisco donated. Thank you!

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