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Build the Base, to Stay in our Space


The first three years of ACCE, our organization employed various on-the-ground tactics to support homeowners who were defending their homes, leading to more than 600 families keeping their homes. For many of these disadvantaged homeowners, it meant they wouldn’t have to face possible homelessness and they would keep their long-time residence and roots.

In 2012, ACCE's key role in helping to develop the policies that became the Homeowner's Bill of Rights in California, saved tens of thousands of homeowners from foreclosure.

With your help, we hope to expand our base and momentum in 2016 to help keep homeowners and TENANTS in their homes and communities, by . 

Across California, the communities we organize in have seen a rapid pace of displacement 


This year ACCE has been at the forefront of driving victories that have helped move affordable housing, worker justice, and refund campaigns forward for California’s low income communities and communities of color.

Take a look at some of our 2015 wins and make a donation to support our work and campaigns in 2016!!

2015 Highlights:



Worker Justice:


Refund CA:


*Donations to ACCE Institute are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for US federal income tax purposes.